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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Interesting lunch hour...

My friend and I went to work out at Curves at lunch. On the way a guy beside me points at my back tire and tells me it's flat. Great! Well we were almost to the parking lot at Curves so I just pulled in and parked. Sure enough, it was almost flat. My friend's husband works at the National Guard Armory close by so we called him. Thankfully him and his co-worker came to help us out! They changed my tire while we worked out. Then I treated them all to lunch at the very fancy Wendy's. Hey, it was their choice! I have a roofing nail in my tire. No idea where I got that but thankfully my spare is a regular size tire since I drive an SUV. The spare is dirty and ugly and doesn't have the same rim or whatever you call that silver part around the middle of the tire but at least it's not flat!


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