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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Parent/Teacher Conference

Met with Austin's 2nd grade teacher today. It was great! Austin is such a great kid! She said he was respectful, always did as he was asked and she could count on him. She also said he was a leader in the class. We are so proud of Austin. Now if he would bring some of those qualities home everyday that would be just perfect! He's really not a bad child at home but he does tend to have a smart mouth. (I can't imagine where he got that!)

My hope for him is that he will continue to do well in school and get great scholarships to college and save his dad and I lots of money!! Seriously my hope for him is that he does continue to do well and goes to a great college and chooses something he really loves to do. Like any parent, I want the very best for both of my boys!


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