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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Had to stay home yesterday...

Daniel still had his fever and he threw up twice. I stayed home from work with him. He started feeling much better about the time Austin left for school. He wanted to eat so I gave him a banana. Thankfully it stayed put and he felt much better. It was nice to be home with him for the day. He had gotten up around 4:45 AM but was not interested in a nap at all. At least he wasn't grouchy. He napped on the way to pick up "bubba" from school but that was it. He seemed to be fine this morning so off to Pam's he went.

So I'm back at work today. Thankfully it's a fairly slow time for us so I'm not too far behind. I have a wonderful guy working with me and he is so good at keeping everything caught up! I really appreciate all his hard work!

I guess that's about all I have to say this morning. I haven't even had coffee yet so I think I'm doing pretty good!


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