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Monday, October 11, 2004

Well it's Monday

So far so good for a Monday. The weekend was fun. Friday Cody had his wisdom teeth removed. Saturday he was out doing yard work so I guess it didn't bother him too much. He's a very tough man. We did work around the house Sat. so that was pretty boring. Sunday we went to Bass Pro Shop. It's about a two hour drive for us. The kids did great and Cody got to stock up on all these fishing things he seems to need. We stopped at the outlet malls on the way back and had very little time to shop. We ate at Cracker Barrel and believe it or not Daniel was pretty well behaved. Of course he did shove too much potato in his mouth and proceed to throw up most of what he had just eaten on the table (lovely, I know). We saw that as our queue to leave! Austin was great and very well behaved all day yesterday. I'm blessed!

Have a great day!!


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