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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

What a week!

It's only Tuesday and I'm tired already. Monday was very busy. I had to work of course and then rush home to get the boys and go get a haircut. Then it was home to make dinner and the off to PTO night at school. Thank goodness grandma came and stayed with Daniel. Cody chose to work 12 hours yesterday so he wasn't home until 8:00 pm!

At work I am interviewing candidates for a position. It's been really hard because the person who vacated that position was a wonderful man. He had a sudden massive heart attack and died :-(. I miss him so much. The candidates for his job have been ok. We had called two in for interviews this week. One is good but we have some reservations. The other emailed me today and withdrew because he accepted another position. So now I'm stuck with settling for the one that we like but aren't sure about or opening the job up for the 3rd time! ugh!


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